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6650 Series

Business-Grade Bill Counter with ValuCount™

  • Advanced money counting combined with counterfeit detection for an all-in-one cash processing solution! 

  •  Count multiple currencies including AED, USD, EUR, etc.

  • Innovative mechanism design combines the easy loading of a top load counter with the smooth counting of a back-loading counter.

  • ValuCount™ uses the selected single denomination to calculate the total monetary value of bills counted. Operational modes include Count, Add, Batch and Add with Batch. 

  • Ultraviolet sensors check for counterfeit bills and stop counting with an alert if a suspect bill is detected. The UV/MG model also includes magnetic ink detection for an added layer of security!

  • Infrared detectors ensure that bills are counted accurately and avoid errors such as chains, double bills and half notes.

Why 6650?

Grade: Business

Models Available: UV, UV/MG

Bill Loading Style: Top Loader

Counting Speed: 1,000 Bills per Minute

Capacity: Hopper: 400 Bills Stacker: 300 Bills

Operational Modes: Count, Batch, Add, Add+Batch

ValuCount™: Learn More

Display Type: Dual LEDs, 4/3

Dimensions (w*H*D): 280*250*150mm /11*9.8*5.9 inches

Weight: 5 kgs / 11 lbs.

Document DownloadsUser Manual | Sales Sheet

     Confidently count and authenticate the cash your business earns with the Cassida 6650 Business-Grade Bill Counter. Intelligently designed to combine the convenience of a back-loading machine with the smooth counting of a back loader, the 6650 makes quick work of money counting–   at speeds up to 1,000 bills-per-minutes!  Cassida's exclusive ValuCount™ system, simply select the single denomination to be counted and the 6650 will provide a total monetary value count for the currency in addition to a bill count! Pair it with the Add function to keep a running total of all denominations counted for fast and easy till counts. The 6650 also includes Count, Batch and Add + Batch modes to handle any money counting needs. 

     The 6650 utilizes infrared detectors to ensure each count is accurate with no double bills, half notes or chains sneaking through. If an issue with a bill is detected, the machine will stop counting, beep and display the error type on its screen.

     While counting, the included ultraviolet counterfeit detection systems automatically ensure the money counted is indeed authentic with far higher security than a simple pen or UV light. For added security, the UV MG model also includes magnetic ink counterfeit detection. And the included carrying handle makes it easy to transport the 6650 anywhere it may be needed. 

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