Coin counters and sorters are an ideal solution for tallying and sorting mixed change. Cassida offers a variety of options to suit all types of business needs. Learn more about the features of Cassida's coin solutions below.

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Business Grade

Business grade machines are designed to stand up to the rigors of a business environment. They are developed to a standard that will allow continued use in a retail or office setting.

Product Grade

Cassida business products help your business stay open and thrive.

Bank grade machines are designed for high volume use. They are developed for high throughput on a regular basis for use in environments such as banks and casinos where large amounts of currency are being handled on a consistent basis.

Bank Grade
Cassida bank grade products are designed for high-volume cash and coin businesses.

Coin Counting


Products that count coins provide a numerical count of the total coins counted. Depending upon the complexity of the feature set of the coin counting product, this can extend out to reporting on the value of all coins or denomination breakdowns when combined with sorting ability.

Sorts Coins

Products that sort coins are able to determine denomination and sort a mixed batch of coins into their individual denominations. These denominations include pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and, in some cases, dollar coins. More advanced coin sorting products are also able to display and report on total amounts for each denomination as well.

Cassida coin counting products will count stacks of coins automatically.

The maximum counting speed is measured in coins per minute. Cassida’s coin counting solutions range from 250 coins per minute up to a whopping 6,500 coins per minute for heavy-duty solutions designed for coin-heavy business operations.

Counting Speed

Cassida coin counters have a high maximum speed to count piles of change.

The total number of coins that can fit into the “hopper” of the coin counter/sorter at a time. Since there is much variation in the size of coins, the industry standard measure for capacity is based on dimes. If a coin counter has a stated hopper capacity of 2,000 coins that means it can fit up to 2,000 dimes at once.


The hopper is the upper area of the coin counter where coins to be counted are placed.

Hopper Capacity

Cassia coin counter hopper capacity- the amount of coins to be counted it can hold.

The total number of coins that can fit in the coin bin collectors for sorted coins. Similar to hopper capacity, the industry standard measure for capacity in coin bins is based on dimes as well. If a coin bin has a stated capacity of 900 coins, that means that 900 dimes can fit in a coin bin at a time.

Coin Bin Capacity

Cassida coin counter coin bins collected counted coins and can hold up to 900 coins.

Display Type


Cassida's coin counters and sorters feature a few different display options. Displays can simply communicate the count of coins or even provide advanced reporting information, depending upon the sophistication of the product.

Icon to illustrate the LED screen of a Cassida Coin Counter & Sorter.

The most basic style of display is an LED. Much like a traditional calculator, this type of display uses 7 dashes to form the basis of numbers 0 to 9 and can also be used to convey limited text messages.

Icon to illustrate the LCD screen of a Cassida Coin Counter & Sorter.
High Resolution LCD Screens

As the name implies, these screens provide a much clearer image than the standard LED. The liquid crystal display is brightly back-lit for easy reading in any lighting environment. 

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