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CS 880

Ultra Heavy-Duty Coin Counter and Sorter

  • Unique alloy sensor technology.

  • Totals and Subtotals in value and number of coins counted.

  • Programable stop function for bagging and tubing.

  • There are sorting channels and extra fake coin channel.

  • RS-232 Communication Interface which can connect to the computer and printer.

  • The External Interface can be connected to the LED Display, video monitoring does not.

  • USB Disk software upgrade.

Why CS 880?

Grade: Bank

Counting Speed: 600 Coins per Minute


Capacity: approx. 500 – 600 coins (with a coin diameter of 21,5 mm and a coin thickness of 1,7 mm)

Countable Coins: Dirhams and Fils

Operating Modes: Count, Mix, Sort, Batch, Add, Reports

Display Type: 2.3 inch TFT color screen

Dimensions (W*H*D): 632*424*310mm

Weight: 30 kgs.

Document DownloadsSales Sheet | User's Manual

The Cassida CS 880 is the perfect choice for heavy-duty coin counting and sorting needs. Fast and easy to operate, the CS 880 will count coins at up to 600 coin-per-minute speed and automatically sort them into denomination bins. The noise-reducing, padded coin bins and optional bag and tube attachments are all accessible from the front for simple operation and setup. The Batch mode allows for custom batch amounts to be set for each denomination. The easy-to-read LCD display will show a total count of coins value as well as offer a breakdown by denomination. The CS 880’s precision-engineered steel construction makes it an extremely durable coin counting machine that is sure to provide continued service for years.

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