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When dealing with various types of currencies and bank notes, investing in a counterfeit detector and counting machine is a top priority. Purchasing necessary and equally sophisticated tools to avoid money fraud is an edge such as Cassida’s Money Detectors and Counting Machines. Moreover, businesses and organizations must train its staff on how to determine fake notes effectively with the use of these tools. Money counterfeiting does not only reduce profit but also affect the efficiency and reliability of the business as well.

There are two types of machines to choose from among Cassida’s products – Counterfeit Detectors and Mix Value Counting Machines. These are highly equipped with detector properties such as ultraviolet (UV), magnetic properties (MG), infrared (IR), magnetic thread (MT) and contact images (CIS). Each machine is carefully engineered in order to keep up with the technologies that money scammers are using nowadays.

Counterfeit Detectors

Cassida 3200 – this is a multi-currency machine which has an advanced counterfeit detection abilities. Its counterfeit detection properties include: Optical Image, ultraviolet (UV), magnetic properties (MG), magnetic thread (MT) and infrared (IR).

Cassida 3200

Cassida 3200

Cassida UNO and UNO plus – this is also a multi-currency unit with bright IR filters installed. Its counterfeit detection properties include: infrared (IR), magnetic wave (WM), magnetic properties (MG) and ultraviolet (UV).

Cassida UNO Cassida UNOplus

Mix Value Counting Machines

Cassida Titanium – this has full size IR & CIS technology which has made it well-renowned and sellable in the market. Its counterfeit detection properties include 3D, UV, MG, MT, FL, CIS, and IR.

Cassida Titanium

Cassida Zeus – this machine is known to be innovative in sorting up to 10 currencies with mixed currencies sorting ability. Its detection properties include 3D, UV, MG, MT, IR, and CIS.

Cassida Zeus

In (the) UAE currency notes, 500, 200, and 100 are the most common denominations to be counterfeited while 100 in the US Dollar currency notes. Money counterfeiting is a serious crime and a real threat to anyone and any businesses – be it small or big institutions. Cassida helps YOU to step up your strategies with its detector and counting machines. Moving money forward safely and efficiently is a dedicated goal of our Company. Click here for the complete list of products: or call us at +971 4 273 9328 or send us an email at for all inquiries.


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