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Multifunctional Coin Processing Machine 

  • Four operation modes: COUNT, SORT, ADD, BATCH

  • Separates and counts mixed denominations in one easy step

  • Sorts each denomination into separate bins

  • Individual batch setting for every denomination

  • Reports AED value for each denomination and grand total

  • Easy all-in-one tool for any coin handling needs

  • Lightweight, compact and stylish in design suited for every business environment

Why CoinMaster?

Grade: Business


Counting Speed: up to 350 coins per minute

Capacity: Up to 1600 coins (depend on the coins size)

Countable Coins: AED

Operating Modes: Count, Sort, Batch, Add

Display Type: LCD display, 3 digits for Batch and 7 digits for quantity of coin

Dimensions (W*H*D): 317*347*273mm

Weight: 4.3 kgs

Document Downloads: User's ManualSales Sheet

The Cassida CoinMaster is a multifunctional coin processing machine that is a perfect solution for all your coin counting and sorting needs.

It counts, sorts, batches and even wraps (optional) coins automatically.  It incorporates all the features of a professional coin counter/sorter at a very affordable price. Its large hopper can hold 2500 coins and the coin trays can each accumulate up to 300 coins at a time.

Displaying the subtotal for each denomination and the total value make the Cassida CoinMaster an easy all-in-one tool for any coin handling needs.

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